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Our family are here for your family

Losing a loved one is a difficult thing to bear, so when you face this challenge you need all the help and support you can get both emotionally and with the practical arrangements that come in the wake of a death.

D.J. Bewley Funeral Directors in Wiltshire are an independent family firm who offer all the comfort and re-assurance required by the bereaved when it comes to making compassionate and professional funeral arrangements.

Patrik Bewley, Cheryl Bewley and children Ryan and Krystle handle all the funeral details, ensuring the wishes of the deceased and their loved ones are carried out sensitively.

The Bewleys have been providing funeral services in Wiltshire since 1970, and are available for grieving families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their offices in Melksham, Trowbridge, Devizes and Corsham.

Small funerals (up to 40 people) can be arranged to take place at Bewley’s tastefully decorated service rooms at Melksham or Devizes, or the firm can arrange cremations, burials and memorial services for all denominations at venues anywhere in the surrounding area.

When a death occurs Bewleys take the deceased into their care and make all the preparations for the funeral, from providing a casket and floral tributes to designing and printing the order of service, and creating and installing a memorial stone.

Bewleys are happy to undertake any sort of funeral no matter how unique, including environmentally friendly natural and woodland burials at special grave sites in the local area, which are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional funerals.

Besides arranging funerals Bewleys also offers pre-paid funeral plans that allow you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance, lessening the burden for your loved ones when the time comes, giving you peace of mind for the future.


What to do when someone dies

Trowbridge undertakers
When a death occurs it is always difficult to know what to do first. Our aim at D.J. Bewley is to provide our clients with a funeral service that will offer them the guidance they need at each stage of the process.

Funeral Notices

elderly couple
Allowing people to pay their respects. The obituary allows you to commemorate a friend, colleague or loved one. You can also view the date and location of the funeral service.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

old couple with grand children
Pre-paid funerals allow the advance planning of a funeral, whilst paying the costs in advance at today’s prices. It provides peace of mind for you, knowing that your funeral will be arranged exactly how you would like.

Coffins and Caskets

wicker coffin from bewley funeral directors
There is a whole range of coffins and caskets to choose from. Our range starts with a simple veneered coffin. The staff at D.J. Bewley your local Funeral Directors deal sensitively with this aspect of arranging and planning a funeral.

Funeral Flowers

white lillies for funeral service
Expressing your feelings at such a sensitive and emotional time can often be difficult. For centuries people have used flowers to express their sympathy and thoughts.

Memorial Masonry

daffodils in a graveyard
With a wide range of memorial headstones, granite gravestones and memorial plaques, all our memorial masonry work is carried out by highly skilled stone masons.

Why choose D.J. Bewley

as your local Funeral Director

We are still a local family owned business known for excellence and good value. We offer a professional and caring service to bereaved families in Wiltshire.

We offer advice on all funeral types along with transport, flowers, coffins and memorial masonry. We also offer and help set up pre-paid funeral plans which offer peace of mind and excellent value for money. If you need advice on any of the above, then call D.J. Bewley Funeral Directors.