Why Plan Now?

More and more people recognise that planning a funeral in advance lessens the burden for those you love. It provides a personal peace of mind that everything is in order.

The subject of funerals is never an easy subject to discuss. Dealing with the death of a loved one means making major emotional and financial decisions in a limited timeframe.

Family and friends are left to deal with numerous and necessary details that can leave loved ones feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Exploring the many Pre-Planning options available and taking the time to Pre-Plan your funeral may be one of the kindest things you can do for those you love most.


Who would be responsible to arrange my funeral?

If I were to die tomorrow, where would the money come from?

How much would my funeral expenses be?

Where would I like my final resting-place to be and what type of funeral service would I prefer?

Would I prefer a burial or a cremation?

Which type of coffin would I prefer?

Who would preside over the service?

Would their be special music, hymns or poetry?

All of these questions can be avoided when making the funeral arrangements at the time of need, when a funeral service has been planned previously. At Bewleys, we have fully trained staff that can provide all pre-planning services from a simple plan where only the basic funeral arrangements are made to a fully comprehensive service where all arrangements are made including all the finer details.