In recent years cardboard coffins are becoming a very popular option. Seen as eco-friendly, modern and now using modern digital printing can be decorated in high quality designs as varied as your imagination.

The coffins we supply have no fixings at all and the cardboard are folded in a way that the structure is maintained. The finished item is incredibly strong and can hold considerable weight. Please see a more comprehensive range at

All our cardboard coffins are 100% natural and biodegradable and are appropriate for cremations and burials.


Butterfly Cardboard Coffin


Garden Cardboard Coffin


Spitfire Cardboard Coffin


Poppy Cardboard Coffin

Manila Traditional

Manila Cardboard Traditional Coffin

White Traditional

White Cardboard Traditional Coffin

Our Solid Wood and Metal caskets are the perfect choice that honours the memory of your loved one, safe in the knowledge that each casket is created with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Casket


Duchess Casket


Emperor Casket


Manhatton Casket

Platinum Royal

Platinum Royal Casket


Purity Casket


Regent Casket

The Last Supper

The Last Supper Casket

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Every image tells a story, so it is not surprising that more and more people are opting for a picture coffin when making funeral arrangements.

Whether you choose a sporting theme, a landscape or something more abstract, the Reflections® design service will guarantee a picture coffin that is truly personal.

Please view more designs at


Coffin Cricket Picture


Coffin Daffodil Picture


Coffin Fishing Picture

Leopard Print

Coffin Leopard Print Picture

Musical Notes

Coffin Musical Notes Picture


Coffin Planes Picture

Wild Horses

Coffin Wild Horses Picture


Coffin Woodlands Picture


Amsbury Traditional Coffin


Cotswold Traditional Coffin


Crown Traditional Coffin

Gainsborough Mahogany

Gainsborough Mahogany Traditional Coffin


Hamsterley Traditional Coffin

Henley Oak

Henley Oak Traditional Coffin


Islay Mahogany Traditional Coffin


Painted Traditional Coffin

Personalised Dad

Personalised Dad Traditional Coffin

Personalised Mum

Personalised Mum Traditional Coffin

The Regent

The Regent Traditional Coffin

Traditional Solid Oak Coffin

Traditional Soak Oak Coffin


 Traditional Coffin


Westminster Traditional Coffin


Worcester Traditional Coffin

Our Ecoffins are all made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials, no nails, screws or staples are used and all glue is water based. Our supplier holds Fair Trade status and is accredited by the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Please browse through our beautifully handcrafted, environmentally friendly coffins and caskets range.

Bamboo Eco Round

Bamboo Eco Round Coffin

Bamboo Traditional Round

Bamboo Traditional Round Coffin

Banana Round

Banana Round Coffin

Banana Traditional

Banana Traditional Coffin

Pandanus Round

Pandanus Round Coffin

Pandanus Traditional

Pandanus Traditional Coffin

Willow Cromer White

Willow Cromer White Coffin

Willow English Buff and Natural

Willow English Buff and Natural Coffin

Willow English Round Buff and Natural

Willow English Round Buff and Natural Coffin

Brown Willow

Brown Willow Coffin


Seagrass Coffin

The woollen outer layer is carefully hand fitted around a strong 100% recycled cardboard frame, which is reinforced with an MDF base board for rigidity and stability, and then carefully lined with a soft woollen wadding for a mattress base.

Each coffin interior is generously lined with cotton, attractively edged with jute and completed with a soft organic covered pillow, while the exterior is finished with a beautiful blanket stitch detail, jute handles and simple wooden toggle fastenings.

Grey Woollen

Grey Woollen Coffin

White Woollen

White Woollen Coffin
Wicker & Willow
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