Send your loved one off to rest in an eco-friendly cardboard coffin, made of high-quality honeycombed cardboard construction. Traditionally shaped and finished in plain brown, white, wood effect or any design wrap of your choice cardboard coffins are extremely strong and suitable for cremation or burial. They can be fitted with natural rope carrying handles.

These 100% natural and biodegradable coffins are becoming more popular as families seek greener funeral options and a departure from the usual staid wooden coffin. Sometimes the bereaved family find comfort in inviting funeral attendees to write messages on the cardboard coffin itself before it is interred or cremated.

Cardboard coffins are an evolution of traditional funeral practices which has seen a move away from mourning towards a celebration of the life of the deceased – indeed, of life itself.


Butterfly Cardboard Coffin


Garden Cardboard Coffin


Spitfire Cardboard Coffin


Poppy Cardboard Coffin

Manila Traditional

Manila Cardboard Traditional Coffin

White Traditional

White Cardboard Traditional Coffin

Our range of premium funeral caskets come in various Italianate and American styles, designed especially for open-casket ceremonial funerals and/or international transportation.

Most of these caskets can be hermetically sealed and fitted with ornate carrying handles and sectioned split hinged lid. The interiors of these beautifully crafted caskets are luxuriously appointed with your choice of padding, upholstery and pillows.

Choose from exceptional quality solid wood, steel or bronze caskets with various fine finishes. The woods used vary from poplar and cherry to pine.

These classic caskets provide an enduring, comfortable and dignified eternal resting place for the deceased and are a fitting end of life tribute for any person no matter his or her religious affiliations.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Casket


Duchess Casket


Emperor Casket


Manhatton Casket

Platinum Royal

Platinum Royal Casket


Purity Casket


Regent Casket

The Last Supper

The Last Supper Casket

Bewley Funerals is pleased to be able to offer the inspiring Reflections® range of plastic-free unique pictorial coffins, created by an award-winning green and environmentally friendly company.

You can celebrate and honour the life, interests, character, personality and passions of your precious departed loved one by choosing a decorated personalised coffin. There are some examples of these pictorial coffins shown below, but we’ll help you choose or design your own picture coffin to commemorate the deceased. We can even have coffins bespoke printed with digitised family photographs if you wish.

The picture coffins are crafted of wood in tradtional coffin shape or rectangular casket shape, suitable for burial or cremation. Pictorial ash caskets are also available.

Please view more designs at


Coffin Cricket Picture


Coffin Daffodil Picture


Coffin Fishing Picture

Leopard Print

Coffin Leopard Print Picture

Musical Notes

Coffin Musical Notes Picture


Coffin Planes Picture

Wild Horses

Coffin Wild Horses Picture


Coffin Woodlands Picture

Traditional solid wood or wood veneered coffins adorned with gilt metal accessories remain the most popular choice for both burial and cremation of the deceased.

We offer a vast range of options for traditional coffins, from solid oak or white painted to veneered chipboard, with ornate gold and silver fittings to stainless steel or brass. Often the choice is dependent on the available funeral budget, and at Bewley we are always able to offer the best quality and fulfil the wishes of the bereaved and the deceased.

Traditional coffins come in standard sizes, classically shaped with six sides and a lid or rectangular casket-style, with a choice of interior upholstery. We can arrange for personalisation – you can have name plates affixed to the coffin, or words carved into the wood.


Amsbury Traditional Coffin


Cotswold Traditional Coffin


Crown Traditional Coffin

Gainsborough Mahogany

Gainsborough Mahogany Traditional Coffin


Hamsterley Traditional Coffin

Henley Oak

Henley Oak Traditional Coffin


Islay Mahogany Traditional Coffin


Painted Traditional Coffin

Personalised Dad

Personalised Dad Traditional Coffin

Personalised Mum

Personalised Mum Traditional Coffin

The Regent

The Regent Traditional Coffin

Traditional Solid Oak Coffin

Traditional Soak Oak Coffin


 Traditional Coffin


Westminster Traditional Coffin


Worcester Traditional Coffin

As we all embrace natural, green alternatives there is an increasing trend towards woodland or wildflower meadow burials rather than cremation and traditional burial in a cemetery or graveyard.

Woodland burials go along with choosing a bio-degradable coffin – usually a basket-work woven coffin made of wicker or willow, or in a multitude of other sustainable raw materials like seagrass, bamboo or even banana leaves. Such coffins are also perfectly suitable for use in traditional burials or for cremation.

The range of woven coffins we offer are all handcrafted from 100% natural materials – there are no mails, screws or staples used in the construction and all the glue is water-based. Our coffins hold Fair Trade status and will bio-degrade naturally causing no impact on the environment wherever the deceased is laid to rest.

Bamboo Eco Round

Bamboo Eco Round Coffin

Bamboo Traditional Round

Bamboo Traditional Round Coffin

Banana Round

Banana Round Coffin

Banana Traditional

Banana Traditional Coffin

Pandanus Round

Pandanus Round Coffin

Pandanus Traditional

Pandanus Traditional Coffin

Willow Cromer White

Willow Cromer White Coffin

Willow English Buff and Natural

Willow English Buff and Natural Coffin

Willow English Round Buff and Natural

Willow English Round Buff and Natural Coffin

Brown Willow

Brown Willow Coffin


Seagrass Coffin

Woollen coffins are a relatively new development but are fast catching on as a literally warmer and softer alternative to hard, angular conventional coffins.

The main motivation for the production of woollen coffins was to make coffins more comforting and approachable for the bereaved, but they are also 100% bio-degradable, rotting naturally after interment or being cremated without releasing any noxious fumes.

As can be seen from the images below woollen coffins have a rounded shape and come in muted natural colours with a soft, felt-like texture, edged with jute. Each is made in Yorkshire from three whole sheep fleeces with an MDF base, recycled cardboard frame and lined with organic cotton. Personalised woollen embroidered name-plates can be attached.

Grey Woollen

Grey Woollen Coffin

White Woollen

White Woollen Coffin
Wicker & Willow